Prof. Timothy Frerichs Lectures & Artist‘s Book Workshop

Prof. Timothy Frerichs (US) in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania.

Time: 4th-14th of December 2023
Location: Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania

World-renowned book and printmaking artist prof. Timothy Frerichs (The New York State University at Fredonia, US) gave a lecture on artist’s book and condact the artist’s book workshop “Material as Content: An Artist’s Book” at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Prof. Timothy Frerichs: “This workshop will explore how found materials used to create an artist book will create the book content. Participants will be asked to source materials that incorporate an intellectual unity, or physical unity that communicates content. This can be manifested in a sense of place, an event, or cultural commentary. Participants will need to incorporate a book structure (binding) that complements their artist book content. Experience with book structure and book conceptual development is preferred.”

Sponsor of the Project: Education Exchanges Support Foundation, Vilnius Academy of Arts
Curator of the Project: Prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas