In Lithuania Artist‘s Book Exhibitions were initiated and organized in the last decade of the 20th century, when Lithuania restored her independence, left the formation of the USSR and regained freedom. In 1991 the first Artist‘s Book Exhibition in Lithuania was opened to the public. In 17th of August 1993 the First International Artist‘s Book Exhibition “Book” was opened in the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius – curator Kestutis Vasiliunas.

Since 1993, a considerable community of creators of the “artist’s book” has been formed in Lithuania. At the same time, lovers of the “artist’s book” and exhibition visitors also appeared. “Artist’s book” as an art discipline is taught at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. It is taught in high schools all over Lithuania, and it is created by children in art schools. After 25 years of our active activities abroad and in Lithuania with “artist’s book” exhibitions, lectures and workshops, “artist’s book” has become an inseparable part of Lithuanian culture.